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Northern Shelf Bioregion Climate Change Assessment, cover image.


Northern Shelf Bioregion Climate Change Assessment

The world’s climate is changing at an increasingly rapid rate due to greenhouse gas emissions from human industrial activity and population growth. While these changes are global, the ramifications occur at all scales, and decisions for adaptation must be made. Governments, regions, and communities need to understand what is happening, what knowledge gaps exist, and how they may be able to respond. Coastal regions are unique and especially vulnerable to climate change, and the impacts are diverse and often cumulative. Identifying how these changes are already starting to occur, and could occur in the future, is important for planning appropriate management responses.

Aboriginal Network: Lifting all learners.


Aboriginal Inquiry: Lifting All Learners

There’s a network in British Columbia that is transforming schools. In this report we explore how these teachers and leaders are examining their practices with Aboriginal children and communities.