Publish your reports online

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Reports deserve more

Reports often end up as PDFs because they’re printed. PDFs also help publishers have more control over the design and content. And pretty much everyone can open a PDF on their laptop. 

But PDFs are also not very easy to read or use on other devices.

Getting the right research in front of the right person can make all the difference. Get your report online so it’s more shareable, more readable, and more accessible.

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Why online reports

More readable

By putting a report online, you can help make sure folks can read it on their phones. On the bus. At the gym. Everywhere.

Shareable URLs

Sometimes readers want to share a particular part of your report. By publishing a report online, you can help prospective readers walk through the door they’re most interested in.

More accessible

Let text flow. Give images proper alternative text. Let your content be more accessible, and get further reach.

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